Integrated Facility Management

Your 'Cost Centre' can be better managed by us to make it a 'Profit Centre'
Techbridge has carved itself through the roots of core manufacturing sites maintenance and administration. With our rich hands on experience in wide industry sector, global exposure, we cover the vast history of hard services (Utility & Plant Off-Site Operation & Maintenance Services ) connecting with the World Class Manufacturing Systems, Latest technology platforms, IIOT, CMMS, Analytics, AI.
Our in-depth studies, thoughtful of ideas that create value, strong focus on Key performance Indicators, Regulatory knowhow and the Continual Improvement in the process has led to introduction of unique set of deliverables. These deliverables with an integrated approach gives our clients a unique experience & all round performance, enabling them to concentrate on their Core business performance.
Our proactive approach of ONE ROOF ENGINEERING with robust & systematic process approach, well designed customized solutions, value added services, strong focus on Energy Conservation, Predictive Maintenance, Risk Management & adept at Regulatory framework & Compliance, ensures highest level of delivery to client at optimum cost thus achieving their strategic & operational objectives, Enhanced Operational Effectiveness & Efficiencies.
To achieve this, Techbridge has a team of highly skilled and trained people in respective field and their skills/ knowledge are nurtured further with appropriate & planned value addition to improve their competency and remain competitive in the fast changing technological environment.

Techbridge Firmly Believes That Effective And Proper Management Of Utilities In An Organization Translates To Greater Bottom-Line Results.



Heating Systems

Pump, Blower

Cooling Towers

Scrubber, Dust Collector

CO2 Plant, Ammonia Plant, Nitrogen Plant

Air Compressor


Electrical Distribution System




UPS, Battery Bank

Capacitor Bank

APFC, AHF Panels

Water Treatment system

Softner System

DM System

RO System

Waste Water Treatment system




Building / Site Management System

Process Plant Machines

Material Handling Equipments

Security & CCTV System

Fire Fighting System, Fire Alarm System

Warehouse System

Regulatory Compliance
With an increasingly regulatory industrial landscape, organizations require effective compliance solutions and consulting services to keep pace with constantly changing standards. Our experts are committed to support you in creating safe practices and have the knowledge and skills to determine the level of compliance of your existing practices and procedures with respect to relevant process safety requirements and standards.
We offer a wide spectrum of proven and adaptive services and solutions to help you improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of your regulatory and compliance programs.
Audits & Risk Management



Food safety


Process Audits

Electrical Safety

Structural Safety

With our combined strength of experience and knowledge we offer a wide range of services to meet Global audit and risk management needs. We help our clients to comply with applicable regulation and governance requirements, as well as to anticipate the key risks they may face.
We assist our clients to develop an adequate risk management response program including risk management plan and activities. We accomplish this through interactive risk assessment exercises to identify risks that can affect the organisation and its operations, using risk maps and assessment frameworks tailored to the specific environment.
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